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Who am I?

That's me in '86.
That’s me in ’86.

This is my rendition of what you may be curious to know about me. Okay, here goes:

Who am I?

  • Single Mother to a Prince
  • Reigning from Brooklyn, NY
  • a College Dropout
  • a Corporate America Misfit
  • Disgustingly Opinionated
  • Aggressively Passionate
  • Co-Creator

I believe in:

  • Being authentic
  • Being honest
  • Having fun
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Appreciating natural beauty
  • Being Courageous
  • Doing what you love (note: I didn’t say enjoy)
  • The power of Forgiveness
  • Being confident
  • Being happy

When I’m not being writing and creating, you can find me reading a book in my living room, singing songs with my Prince or watching an international movie on Netflix in my fuzzy purple socks. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Hit me up on Twitter @_ebonykween or e-mail me, shegot3strikes{at}gmail{dot}com.

I appreciate your presence!

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