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Being An Employee Can Make You A Boss

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I just quit my job. Just quit. Nope, didn’t think twice about it, did not hesitate. I thought about my place of employment, my coworkers and my new boss (recently promoted) and as proud as I was to have accomplished that, I still didn’t feel accomplished at all.

The day I found out my dad had a stroke, the CEO was in for the company’s huge quarterly meeting on how well they were doing and fake recognition of our contributions to those numbers. I’m sitting at my desk crying being consoled by 2 of my coworkers while the CEO makes his rounds to greet as many of us as he can, followed by an entourage of the other execs and he looks right in my face and continues walking.

The Turning Point

In that moment, I got my confirmation that I did not matter to him, to them, to the corporation. My personal life was as important as a fly at a BBQ, to be left at the turnstile as I swiped my badge to enter the facilities. (They remind you of that as much as possible) No one gave a shit what I was going through, and why would they? Mr. CEO had a $3 million dollar salary, nothing concerns him.

Being on the phone at 8:55 AM, ready to recite “Thank you for calling _____ Auto Claims, this is Ebony. How may I help you?” an infinite number of times was their concern. Everything I did for that company was for someone else’s profit and fortune. Making referrals for other products and services that did not pay us commission, having to deal with ignorant ass people pissed off that their cars were not repaired sufficiently or their rental coverage was not in effect at the time of their most recent car accident, was hardly my idea of an ideal job.


The Universe Had Spoken

My disgust for working in a corporation magnified immensely when my manager presented me with a final notice for attendance, recently having missed 3 consecutive days of work due to a sinus infection and bronchitis. Clearly something beyond my control, I mean I could have easily shown up for work those 3 days and coughed up pieces of my esophageal tract for everyone I spoke to on the phone, right? Despite my doctor’s note, the threat of revoking my employment still stood strong and tall.

I can remember her empathetic words:

“You have to be here, that’s it. Whether you take something, keep water at your desk or whatever. My hands are tied, if you miss another day, you will be terminated.”Well, thank you. That is just what I needed. It was time to go.

What Am I Good At?

I will not say that being an employee was a complete waste of time. My awesome Career Coach, Amanda Abella, gave me something to think about. She said something to this effect:  “Being there, working for that company has its lessons. You need to think about what you have learned from this experience that will help you in starting and maintaining your own business. There are things you can take with you.”

So I compiled a list:

  • I am a great persuader
  • I have a skill for calming people down
  • I love to write
  • I love to talk/speak
  • I have entirely too much compassion
  • I am good at finding alternatives
  • Calling people on their shit is what I do best
  • I am a rule breaker and creator
  • I love contributing to ultimate goals

I didn’t include anything negative since this list is to aid me in realizing my purpose, which I have found. I started with the easiest task, writing, because it’s free and if it helps just one person, I am satisfied. There are other opportunities to flourish from this but for right now, I shall write.


Now It’s Your Turn

Have you gotten your “wake the hell up” moment? Are your eyes open to all possibilities? What are you good at?

5 things affecting your happiness

I want you to read the following questions and be honest:

  1. Think about your current job. Are you satisfied?
  2. Think about the people in your inner circle. Are you content with their presence in your life?
  3. Think about the life you dreamed of as a child. Are you living it?
  4. Think about your perfect day. Has it happened?
  5. Think about your vision of the perfect partner/spouse. Is that who you’re with?

 If you answered “NO” to any of those questions, you need to keep reading!

Unfortunately, we become conditioned after a series of disappointments, failures, misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Our ability to trust diminishes with every situation. Those ill emotions we lug around with us become our consistent thought patterns, which in turn present themselves in our actions and ultimately in our lives.

I want you to think about the above 5 questions. If you come to the realization that many aspects of your life are inadequate, it’s okay to reevaluate their importance. It’s okay to request more from yourself and the people around you. It’s okay to not like your life right now, ONLY if you are up for the challenge of changing those circumstances.

You can’t complain about everything and do nothing. You can’t wallow in self-pity because no one cares. You can’t want things to be different and do the same things expecting them to change. It won’t work. Period. It starts with you. YOU are responsible for your happiness. YOU are the reason why your life is the way it is. YOU are the only one who can ensure you enjoy your life.

Don’t blame your parents, they only created you and assumed the responsibility to raise you. Their job is done, even if they didn’t do that much right. Your friends have their own issues consuming them; it’s not their responsibility to make you happy. Your children didn’t ask to be here, so don’t even think about blaming them. Your significant other probably needs to do some reevaluating too, don’t count on them to bring you YOUR happiness. It’s just you my love, just you.

I’ve answered no to a few of those questions, hence my reason for even writing this. I’ve written out my joys and pains into two lists. As I read each one, I make a decision of its relevance. If I benefit from it, it stays. If I don’t, I cross it out. Make a list (your choice) and take your time. It’s important to do this when you’re not in a place of stress so you are able to think logically.

There is nothing more vital to your life than to remove what no longer serves you. Whatever form those necessities come in. Everything you engage in and spend your time on or with should be bringing joy to your life.

If it isn’t, you’ve got some work to do. Not telling you how to live, just making a suggestion that helps!