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Oh! Black Girls Are Dangerous!

I was browsing the web for some blogs to inspire me, a website that could make me laugh… or cry. After almost 2 hours….Eureka!!



I found Black Girl Dangerous and after reading the byline: “a multi-faceted forum for the literary and artistic expression of queer and trans* people of color“, my interest was sky high just from the header so I had to read more!

I began browsing through the recent posts, okay I scanned the titles of first few waiting for that Holy Grail music to start playing for me and then I found it! The title that I had to click on, the post that made me shake my damn head, laugh, grimace, grunt and smile all before I finished reading it. This post is the perfect combination of my idea of “Get It Together” and “Oh.  You didn’t know?” *duck face*

No more suspense, this post is written by Miss Mia McKenzie (the creator of the site as well) and it is brilliantly titled…

“How To Be Black In America: A (Relatively) Short List”


As I’m writing this, I keep hitting that tab to reread that list. If the words were typed by me, I wouldn’t have been able to comprise it so eloquently. All things in the media, the workplace, the disgraceful music videos and in the streets can be found there. There are several other posts I could rave about but this one did it for me today!

Miss Mia, thank you a million times! I shall be ordering The Summer We Got Free asap-ishly! *curtsies*

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